Ready Rides is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is a community-based effort to help seniors and the disabled get to medical related appointments and other essential services.  Ready Rides serves residents of Barrington, Durham, Lee, Madbury, Newfields,  Newmarket, Northwood, Nottingham, and Strafford, New Hampshire USA.

Ready Rides is a member of the Alliance for Community Transportation, the Regional Coordination Council for Southeast New Hampshire.

For more information, please call (603) 244-8719 or e-mail info@readyrides.org

Program Coordinator: Meri Schmalz

Board of Directors:

Ray Buxton – Newfields
Pat Desrosiers – Nottingham
Martha English – Strafford
Rick Erickson – Madbury
Steve Goodspeed – Strafford
Karen Hilton – Durham

Sanda Jones – Nottingham

Dianne Kelleher – Newmarket

Margie Longus – Barrington

Karen McCullough – Barrington

Dag Saunders – Northwood

Betty Smith – Northwood

Henry Smith – Durham

Fred Wolf – Lee


Betty Smith – Chair; Margie Longus – Vice Chair;  Steve Goodspeed – Treasurer; Martha English – Secertary

Members at Large – Carolyn Clarke – Strafford