Notice : Change in Services Due to Social Distancing Recommendation

Ready Rides is still operating during this time. We have adjusted our services to reflect the recommendations in place and to protect both our drivers and riders while still remaining available to those most vulnerable.

We are still providing rides to patients. We recommend you utilize family friends and neighbors who you already have regular contact with to help provide rides if possible but we are here for you if you need us.

A service we are adding to our registered riders is pharmacy pickups and food pantry and grocery pickups. If you have placed an order with or we have volunteers who will pickup these orders and bring them to your door with minimal contact.

If you are unable to order food online and you are in desperate need of help with acquiring food or some necessity here are some resources.

Currently if you live in the town of:

Durham call 868-2324 it is the police station and they will assist in food acquisition.           

Newfields call 772-9010 ask for Helping hands and they will assist 

Barrington, Lee, Madbury, New Market, Northwood, Barrington, Nottingham and Strafford towns do not directly have food help in place other than the food pantry.

Call us here at 244-8719 and we will do our best to find a way to get you the help you need.

What Ready Rides does during normal operation:

Ready Rides provides transportation at no charge for the elderly & disabled residents living in:  Barrington, Durham, Lee, Madury, Newfields, Newmarket, Northwood,  Nottingham, Strafford  NH, USA.  Rides are provided by volunteer drivers using their own vehicles.  Accessible rides available.  

For older people that don’t have a car, have poor mobility, find it difficult to use public transport or that live in rural areas with poor transport links, it can be difficult to get out and about. This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and a lack of independence. Ready Rides provides community transport to support older people to live more independent lives. Ready Rides provides one on one individual rides for passengers to their specific appointments. Many times the same driver will wait during the appointment and also be the return driver.  On occasion a passenger will have a different driver to their appointment than the driver who picks them up and takes them home. Our drivers are all very caring volunteers who use their own vehicles to provide rides and find it both a pleasure to drive the regular riders and nice to meet the new or just occasional rider.

To request information about registering as a rider or becoming a volunteer driver, please email us at or call (603) 244-8719. You can find an Application for riders and a Volunteer Application can be printed from this website and emailed or mailed to Ready Rides P.O. Box 272 Northwood, NH 03261. Be sure to also print out our service description.

For other transportation options available in the region, please visit ACT’s Community Transportation Directory

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